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VOMM is very proud of the results achieved by its people’s ability to develop, improve and customize the Turbo-Technology according to different customer’s needs.

VOMM Turbo-Technology is able to simplify industrial processes and reduce operation costs.
Turbo Technology can be applied to thermal continuous processes (drying, concentration, roasting, pasteurization, desorption, thermal decomposition etc.), mechanical continuous processes (granulation, kneading, mixing, crystallization, coating) and chemical continuous processes (salt formation, soap synthesis, etc.) on solids, liquids and slurries.

VOMM Turbo-Technology is based on the creation of a thin film of material in high turbulence by means of a turbine rotating inside a static horizontal chamber.
The chamber is jacketed and a thermal fluid such as thermal oil, steam, hot or chilled water is circulating to keep the temperature constant inside the machine, according to the process need.

The movement of the product inside the equipment is controlled by the turbine and, when required, by a flow of process gas sent in co-current with the product in open or closed circuit to avoid any uncontrolled atmospheric emission.

Main advantages of VOMM Turbo Technology are:

• Flexible technology: it can be applied in different sectors for different processes, with solid, liquid or pasty products
• Proven and reliable technology: more than 500 plants working all over the world
• Durable and robust plants: more than 40 years of operation
• Continuous process
• Remarkable product homogeneity
• Low energy consumption
• Low O&M costs
• Controlled emissions: thanks to the recirculation of process gas in a closed circuit
• Mechanical self cleaning: the turbine completely discharge any kind of product allowing shorter cleaning cycles and safe emergency stop
• Fully automated process
• Reduced overall dimensions: VOMM plants can be easily installed also in existing buildings
• Safe by design technology and ATEX compliant